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The structure and characteristics of the cross workbench

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Cross worktable is a common industrial production auxiliary equipment widely used in industries such as electronics, automobiles, and machinery. It can achieve multi-directional movement such as up and down, front and back, left and right, providing workers with a convenient working environment and operating space.
The cross worktable is usually composed of a base, worktable, lifting device, electrical control, etc. Its base adopts a cast iron structure, which has high load-bearing capacity and stability. The workbench is generally made of aluminum alloy, with a certain degree of hardness and toughness. The lifting device adopts methods such as air pressure or oil pressure, which can easily adjust the height of the workbench. The electrical control part is usually composed of a PLC control system with a touch screen interface, which is convenient for workers to operate and adjust.
1. Multi directional motion: It can achieve motion in multiple directions, meeting the needs of different processing, assembly, testing, and other work.
2. High load-bearing capacity: The base is made of cast iron structure, which can withstand large weight and pressure.
3. Accurate positioning: Through bench calibration, positioning pin design, etc., positioning and alignment can be achieved to ensure that the finished product meets the standards.
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Add:No. 6 Feida Avenue, Industrial Park, Xiejia Town,
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