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What is the mechanical principle of the press's operation

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A press (including a punch press and a hydraulic press) is a versatile press with a delicate structure. With a wide range of applications and high production efficiency, press machines can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting, and forming processes. By applying strong pressure to metal billets, the metal undergoes plastic deformation and fracture to be processed into parts. When a mechanical press is working, the electric motor drives the large pulley (usually also known as a flywheel) through a triangular belt, and drives the crank slider mechanism through a gear pair and clutch, causing the slider and punch to move in a straight line. After the mechanical press completes the forging work, the slider stroke moves upwards, the clutch automatically disengages, and at the same time, the automatic device on the crank shaft is connected to stop the slider near the top dead center.
The press is driven by a motor through a transmission mechanism to apply processing force to the workpiece. The transmission mechanism is a reduction mechanism driven by belts and gears; The working mechanism is divided into screw mechanism, crank connecting rod mechanism, and hydraulic cylinder.
Mechanical principles:
Press machines are divided into three categories: screw press, crank press, and hydraulic press. A crank press is also known as a mechanical press.
The screw press has no fixed bottom dead center, and can form large die forgings by multiple strikes. It can perform single, continuous, and inch movements. The impact force is related to the deformation of the workpiece. When the deformation is large, the impact force is small, and when the deformation is small (such as cold impact), the impact force is large. In these aspects, it is similar to a forging hammer. But its impact force is closed through the frame, so it works smoothly and the vibration is much smaller than that of a forging hammer, without requiring a large foundation.
The lower part of the press is equipped with a forging ejection device. The screw press combines the functions of various forging machines such as die forging hammers and mechanical presses, with strong versatility and can be used for processes such as die forging, punching, and deep drawing. In addition, screw presses have a simple structure and are easy to manufacture, making them widely used.

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